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Basic Entry - Where an advertiser has been given a Free Basic Entry advertisement, information will be uploaded at the discretion of the webmaster. Where an advertiser has opted for a Basic Entry, the information as submitted on the Basic Entry Form, will enable the advertisement to be uploaded at relatively short notice. If payment is not received within one week of submitting the site for inclusion, the advertisement will be removed and only reinstated once the payment has cleared.

Photo Entry - Where an advertiser has opted for a Photo Entry, the information as submitted on the Photo Entry Form, will enable the advertisement to be uploaded often without the photograph, before the photograph is received via the post. When the photograph is received, it will then be included on the entry at the earliest possible moment. This is to ensure that information is available for viewing and not dependable on postal variations. Providing that payment and content material is received within one week of submitting the Photo Entry Form, the advertising year will commence within one week of uploading the completed Photo Entry site.

Brochure Entry - Where an advertiser has opted for a Brochure Entry, the information as submitted on the Brochure Entry Form, will enable the Photo Entry to be included at the earliest possible moment (See Photo Entry above). A free Photo Entry is included with the Brochure Entry. When all information is received, the Brochure Entry will be completed at the earliest possible moment, but please bear in mind that this might take longer during peak periods. Providing that payment and content material is received within one week of submitting the Brochure Entry form, the advertising year will commence within one week of uploading the Brochure Entry site. The free Hyperlink to your existing webpage or website, is on condition that your existing webpage or website does not contain and will not contain, a link to a competitors webpage or website while the link is live from the
UK-BedandBreakfast website.

General - Should a Basic Entry advertiser wish to upgrade to a Photo or Brochure Entry, this can be easily done by filling in the appropriate form and submitting it together with the fee due. This will then invoke a new one year advertisement contract from date of uploading. Basic entries will run to the end of the contract term, except where this was a free advertisement, where deletion will be at the discretion of the webmaster. Should an advertiser request an amendment to their Entry other than at the time of application, the fee will be payable in full and will run to the end of the Entry contract. Amendments will be given priority but payment must be received within one week of submitting an amendment request.

Members Area - The offer of Free Access to the Members Area for Photo Entry and Brochure Entry advertisers does not form part of the advertising subscription contract. Entry is at the discretion of the webmaster and may be withdrawn at any time. There is no monetary value attached to the Members Area and no refunds will be given if the service is unavailable or withdrawn.


 Third Party Advertisers: 

We may from time to time include links to sites that, we consider to be to the mutual benefit of our business, and interest to others using the site. Whilst we may have found it beneficial, and might have made use of the services of such advertisers, we do not recommend nor endorse such sites, and would suggest that you verify any advertised site to your own satisfaction.

If a Third Party Advertiser wishes to place an advertisement on either our rotating 'Box' advertisement on the Home Page, or Links Pages, then please forward your requests. Accommodation Advertisers may also become a Third Party Advertisers if they so wish. Preference will be given to those Third Party Advertisers that we feel can enhance the facilities for those using the site.


 Booking Service: 

This service will incur an additional fee of between ten to fifteen percent on top of the total cost of the accommodation(s), subject to a minimum fee of 10GBP. This fee is added to the establishments deposit and forms part of the non refundable deposit which is payable at the time of booking.

The balance payment in full is due not less than 28 days before the commencement of the stay. Where bookings are made within 28 days before commencement of the stay, then payment in full is due immediately.

Please note we are normally unable to accept bookings for accommodation within seven days, however we might still be able to help you, if you e-mail us with your requirements.

UK-BedandBreakfast are acting only as agents, the contract for accommodation is made between the guest and the owner of the establishment concerned. Once confirmed the accommodation is reserved for that guest only on the dates specified, however should circumstances arise that are beyond reasonable control of the owner ie, lightening strike, flooding etc., then UK-BedandBreakfast will, under no obligation, attempt to find alternative accommodation for that guest.

Should a guest wish to cancel a booking before the payment is due in full, then the guest will only be liable for the deposit paid, however where a guest cancels a booking after the payment has been paid in full, then the guest shall be liable to the payment of the whole amount. However, if an owner is able to re-let a booking that was cancelled after payment was made, then the guest will be credited with the amount that the owner was able to recover the booking for, less the deposit.

Please note that a booking is a contract under English Law. These terms and conditions apply only to UK-BedandBreakfast Booking Service. Please check terms and conditions with the owner concerned if you are booking direct.


 Privacy Statement: 

We will only use the information that we collect about you lawfully (in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998) and according to the Which? Web Trader Code of Practice.

We only collect information from you that is given when you request information from us during enquiries or ordering. We do not use 'cookies' for storing information about us on your computer. If in the future we adopt the use of cookies, you will be given the option to refuse such cookies with instructions to, if enabled, turn them off from within your browser.

June 2001 - Cookies are now being used by our Forum.
For more information regarding the Forum's use of cookies click here.
For information on how to disable cookies from within your browser click here.

The information we collect from Directory Advertisers is for two reasons: a) to process your order and compile your UK-BedandBreakfast directory listing and, b) to provide you with the best possible service.
We will use information responsibly, only to further our dealings with you. You will have the chance to decline information regarding opportunities to enhance your Entry on the application form.

ONLY Newsletter subscription will be used for general marketing purposes, and the subscriber will have the right to opt out of this service at any time, by using the Unsubscribe option. Advertisers requiring a newsletter copy, will also need to sign up for the newsletter, as account details will not be used for general marketing purposes.

For Internet Bookings we will collect only the information necessary for us to conduct the business of securing your request.

In all cases we will never make available our lists to others. We do not endorse the promotion of unsolicited mail and the technique of 'spamming'.

If you need further information regarding our Privacy Policy then please contact us at privacy@uk-bnb.com or select privacy from the drop down list on our Contact Us form.



UK-BedandBreakfast where necessary uses encryption of sensitive transaction data as it is transmitted over the Internet using SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol, with a minimum effective symmetric key length of 40 bits. To check if you are using a secure connection look in the address bar, it will show https:// rather then just http:// (the "s" meaning "Secure"). Additional visual verification of a secure connection is the padlock, at the bottom of the browser, which will appear in the locked position when a secure connection is made. Please note, the strength of encryption is also dependent on the strength of the browser.

Where credit/debit card detail are being transmitted over the Internet
UK-BedandBreakfast will employ the services of a specialist company as approved by our Merchant Bank. This third party Application Service Provider will ensure that the encryption, firewall technology, internal partitioning, process and storage of details meets the Banks strict confidentiality criteria. Where card detail are stored they will be in encrypted form separate from the card user details. We have chosen our Application Service Provider carefully, and you will be given an opportunity to check them out yourselves, by clicking on their logo before committing yourself to enter your card details.

If you need further information regarding Security then please contact us at security@uk-bnb.com or select security from the drop down list on our Contact Us form.


 Contact Us: 

Uk-BedandBreakfast is primarily a service provider via the Internet. Our main form and preferred method of contact is therefore via e-mail. However, although not encouraged, there may be on occasion, a time when a user of our service finds it more convenient to contact us directly by telephone. It is for this reason that we have chosen the services of YAC.

The service that YAC provides enables UK-BedandBreakfast to be in contact with our users at all times by various means. This service accepts telephone, fax and voice mail calls, and we set it up to follow a UK-BedandBreakfast representative via telephone at all times during our normal telephone hours (Monday to Friday 10:00am to 4:00pm). It will take messages when we are unavailable (answerphone at all other times) and alert us when we are. To avoid disappointment please do not leave messages requesting us to contact you via telephone, as they will be ignored.

We monitor our e-mail very regularly and respond as quickly as possible, our working 'day' is very long so e-mail us at any time. From our Contact Us page you can also select the department that is best suited to dealing with your enquiry, ensuring contact with the person most capable of dealing with your request.

Should you need to contact us to discuss something at length in detail via telephone ie, the design of your website etc., we will be pleased to forward you our STD number.



Although UK-BedandBreakfast does all within its power to ensure that the advertisers published prices are correct and up to date, there may be however on occasion where an option has changed in value. You are therefore strongly advised to obtain confirmation of prices prior to placing an order.



Complaints against a UK-BedandBreakfast Directory Advertisement. If you have a complaint against a particular Bed and Breakfast establishment as listed in the UK-BedandBreakfast directory, you are advised, in the first instance, to try and resolve the problem with the establishment concerned immediately the problem occurred. If you find that you are unable to reach agreement with that particular establishment then please feel free to contact us directly, with the full details of your complaint. We will then endeavour to act as arbitrator only, between yourself and the establishment concerned in an attempt to resolve the problem amicably. Please be aware that where you have made a booking directly with the establishment in question, your complaint is against them, not us. Our offer to arbitrate is means to a possible solution, only should you wish to involve us. Please Note...We promise to reply to your initial contact with us within 5 working days. You are strongly advised to verify all aspects pertaining to your booking and receive confirmation in writing prior to payment. We can do this for you if you choose to use the UK-BedandBreakfast "Booking Service".

Complaints against a Third Party Advertiser. Complaints against Third Party Suppliers must initially be taken up with that particular supplier. Before accepting the services of, or entering into any agreement with a Third Party Supplier as advertised on this site you must read and accept the Terms and Conditions pertaining to that particular supplier. Each supplier will have their own Terms and Conditions and normally have a hyperlink to them, which you can view before choosing to accept or decline their services. If their Terms and Conditions are not available you are advised to source the services elsewhere. Whilst we have carefully chosen Third Party Suppliers to Enhance our site for your benefit, we do not endorse their products and therefore cannot be held liable for them. We are however prepared to act as arbitrator only, between yourself and the Third Party Advertiser concerned in an attempt to resolve any problem. Please feel free to contact us directly, with the full details of your complaint.

If an establishment as listed in the UK-BedandBreakfast Directory, persistently has complaints made against it, and it found that these complaints are upheld, then UK-BedandBreakfast will have no alternative but to delete that entry from the Directory. This is to ensure that Guest confidence in the directory is not compromised. No refund whatsoever will be forthcoming where we have to remove such an entry.

Complaints against UK-BedandBreakfast. In the unlikely event of a complaint arising from any aspect of our service we promise to deal with it, in a fair, confidential and effective manner, and to respond to your initial communication via e-mail within five working days. We would also hope to resolve any problem within a further seven working days. Please contact us with full details of your complaint.


 Beyond our Control: 

UK-BedandBreakfast accept no responsibility for our web site not being available for viewing or interactivity due to matters beyond our control. We shall endeavour to keep this site up and running and as up to date as possible at all times.



Please note, where you are purchasing UK-BedandBreakfast products, you need to add vat to the amount advertised, which is currently 17.5%. You will be advised of the total amount payable before committing yourself to any form of payment. A confirmation of order followed by a Vat invoice will be forwarded to your e-mail address upon completion of purchase. Cheques and Postal Orders drawn in sterling only please, made payable to UK-BedandBreakfast. We currently accept Visa, Mastercard, Switch, Solo and JCB card payments.
Cancellation of an order to advertise In the UK-BedandBreakfast directory, will only be possible if the cancellation request is made by e-mail, before the end of a seven day 'cooling off' period.
Delivery If we are unable to include your Entry in the UK-BedanBreakfast Directory within the seven day deferred payment period, we will not present your Cheque/Postal Orders for payment until such a time as the Entry is included in our directory. Credit/Debit card payments will be cancelled and you will be sent a new form to submit your card detail only when the Entry is included in the directory.
Refunds - Due to the very competitive price of our advertising rates, we regret, refunds are not available on any of our advertising products.



UK-BedandBreakfast take no responsibility for the accuracy of the advertisements contained within this web site. All information is as supplied by the advertisers themselves. The onus is upon the advertisers to verify the information for their particular entries. Please contact the webmaster to correct genuine mistakes and omissions at entry. Should an advertiser require a change, or update to their entry, after initial verification, then this service is available at a small fee.



UK-BedandBreakfast owns the copyright to all material as displayed on this site. No reproduction by whatever means is allowed without the express written permission of UK-BedandBreakfast. All rights reserved.
UK-BedandBreakfast™ is a trademark of uk-bedandbreakfast.co.uk


 Statutory Rights: 

Your statutory rights are not affected.